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165 N College Way, Cedar City, Utah
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About Aspen Meadow Apartments
We strive to provide quality housing to the students of SUU. We do not allow smoking or drinking on our property and all our tenants must complete an application process.  On-site managers allow us to meet the everyday needs of the tenants and insure that the complex is well maintained. Our top priority is to offer a safe, clean and friendly environment so that students can complete their studies and enjoy these most wonderful college years!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Tyson and Kaysea, Management
What is included in the rent?
Water, sewer and trash, as well as hi-speed internet. The tenants pay other utilities.  (Rocky Mountain Power (888-221-7070) and Dominion Gas (435-586-3741). Usually one tenant puts a utility into their name and collects payment from the other roommates. Utility costs typically are very conservative!

Can I pay by the month?
  Yes, you can have a monthly payment plan. To have a monthly payment plan, inform the manager before you move in that you would like monthly payments. A parent, guardian, or other responsible person must sign a guarantor document. If you pay by semester you save $25 a month!

What if I am waiting for financial aide?
If you are receiving financial aid or a scholarship that will pay for your housing, you must provide documentation from the financial aid office. The financial aid office has their own form that will give us the information we need. We expect that financial aid will be available by the end of the first few weeks of school. If we haven’t received your payment within that time, you will need to make the regular payment or some other arrangement until your financial aid becomes available.

How much is the deposit and how much of it is refundable? Can I get my deposit back if I change my mind?
$300 for a shared room, $400 for a private. The non refundable portion of the deposit is $50 per semester.  All the balance is available for refunding if no additional charges are incurred by tenant. 

Can I sell my contract?
​Yes. To sell your contract, you must inform the manager that you need to sell your contract and then find someone to replace you. They then sign a new contract with management. To assist you in selling your contract you may want to give them your deposit and/or your last months rent as an incentive.

What are the apartments like? What furnishings are included in the apartments?
 Each apartment has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  There is one master bedroom which rents as a shared room. The other two bedrooms can be either shared private room. You will share the living room and kitchen with roommates. Each bedroom comes furnished with a twin-sized bed for each tenant plus a desk and dresser. The apartment comes with a couch and love seat, and all major appliances, including dishwasher, microwave, stove, fridge, disposal and so forth... You should provide any other furniture you desire like small appliances, and personal items like linens and computers. See photo's  

How many apartments are in the complex? Are there any other amenities?
We have 18 apartments (all are 3 bed/2 baths). In addition to housing we have a basketball standard, a picnic area with a grill and some benches open for use. Laundry facilities are free to Aspen Meadow residents.

Do I have to be an SUU student to live at Aspen Meadow?  
No, however the majority of people who live here are students at SUU. Some tenants are working,others are going to a trade school or a hands-on tech college, but are generally in the same age group and living by the same standards.

How many people are in an apartment? Can I request my own roommates? 
Typically 4 are to an apartment, however if you have friends you want to room with we can easily put 6 in one apartment. You can select your own roommates by submitting their names on your application. If you request a roommate, that person must also request you as a roommate when they apply. The apartments are plenty large for six tenants and the cost of a shared room is very attractive. 

Are pets allowed? 
No. Due to the shared nature of our apartments and differing backgrounds of our tenants we cannot allow pets. 

Can I bring my own bed and dresser?  
Yes, just let management know your wishes ahead of move-in.

What do you do to make the apartments a safe place to live?  
We have full time managers that live on-site and handle problems day and night. Guests must be out of the apartment by 12:00 midnight, except on Friday and Saturday nights when they must leave by 1:30 a.m. Our full time managers ensure compliance with our rules for the safety and protection of each tenant. We have parking lot lighting, hand rails on the stairs and night lights at every door.

What is your overnight guest policy?  
No overnight guests are allowed without permission. Generally permission will only be given for those visiting from out of town. No overnight guests of the opposite sex except parents. Guests must be out of the apartment by 12:00 midnight, except on Friday and Saturday nights when they must leave by 1:30 a.m.